Double mattress or two single mattresses?

And now there are also practical solutions if you want to work closer together. Here, the suspension plays an important role. This takes over the ergonomics and the mattress can then possibly be packed with different strengths in a large respect. With detailed sleep advice, we like to go into it.

Therefore: Two mattresses are required in most cases from a width of 160 cm! Otherwise, there is a delicate woman of 60 kg with a narrow waist and a strong man of 90 kg with broad shoulders on the same surface. Since every person is built differently and sleeps differently, he also needs an individually adapted mattress or an individual lying system.

In addition, the sleep movements of the partner then do not transfer to their own side. The sleep is calmer and you wake up even more refreshed.  get the latest news on bestmattress-brand from our online store.

The bed design: metal bed, wooden bed, upholstered bed, leather bed

The selection is gigantic. The personal taste is the main criterion: a bed made of wood or a metal frame, an upholstered bed with storage space underneath or one covered with leather? Hap tics and optics play together here.

But we would like to give you some tips that you should not forget:

  • For allergy sufferers, it is not recommended to use very high upholstered beds – it is better to avoid easy-to-clean materials.
  • Are small children or animals in the household? Then maybe not put on delicate colors or references.
  • Do not overload the bed under the bed because the mattress always needs air. Otherwise, mildew or mold may occur.
  • If you choose an electrically adjustable slatted base, then the bed frame must be suitable for it. What are the requirements, the sleep consultant tells you in the shop?
  • Sensitive people should pay attention to pollutants in wooden bed frames: Which paints are used or are the substrate solid wood or cheap chipboard?