The best tips for a good night’s sleep

Anyone who suffers from increased perspiration in their sleep has certainly already tried different everyday tips. We have summarized the most important tips for you so that you can try out as many as possible:

1. Make sure you have the right sleeping climate. Ventilate in the bedroom before going to bed for about 5 to 10 minutes to let fresh oxygen into the room. They reduce the humidity and lower the temperature.

2. Go to bed early. If you stay up for a long time, it puts a lot of strain on your body. The better you feel at bedtime, the lower the risk of sweating. If you are already fatigued, the body is under pressure and starts to sweat.

3. Avoid spicy or greasy food at bedtime. The more strenuous the food is to the body, the more reactions it produces. On fatty foods or other heavy foods, the body often reacts with perspiration.

4. Take a shower before going to sleep. By showering you provide for free pores. Clogged pores cause the skin to not breathe properly. If you sweat in the evening before going to bed, you will not have a good night’s sleep.

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Tips for the right equipment of the bed

1. Use natural materials such as cotton and silk for bedding. These substances can absorb moisture well and have a temperature-regulating effect. Artificial substances interact with the skin and can lead to increased perspiration.

2. When buying a mattress, make sure you have good air circulation. The air exchange must be guaranteed. In this way, no liquid penetrates into the mattress core. Pocket spring mattresses are here very well because of its design. An occurring night sweat is best carried away by a climate-regulating cover made of cotton. This creates a dry, fresh sleeping climate.

3. Duvet and pillows should also have good climate control properties. Down is very suitable as a filling material. They are heat-insulating and can absorb a lot of liquid.

4. Bed boxes are handy but prevent the “breathing” of the mattress. The greater the ground clearance, the better the air can circulate.